Base Yard Project

Modular Agricultural Baseyard Project

Agricultural Base Yards are the infrastructure, buildings, and transportation elements necessary to move produce from the field to market. A base yard is like a farm yard, except there is no residence. The components of a base yard support producer compliance with Good Agricultural Practices, and with the Food Safety Modernization Act requirements for handling fruits and vegetables. Base yards in many locations must be portable to comply with rental and zoning requirements. The base yard designs in this project were developed for converting 20 foot long shipping containers, but could also be modified for fixed structures such as post and beam buildings.

These designs were developed by the University of Arkansas Resiliency Center in collaboration with the University of Arkansas Community Design Center. They are free to download, print, distribute, and use. The University of Arkansas makes no claims regarding these designs, their safety, or effectiveness. These supporting materials do not replace the need for qualified professionals for trade services.

Module Specific Building Plans

Individual Base Yard Module designs are provided below. For General Building Components (Fenestrations, Wall Elements, etc.) please see the Building Plans document.

A rendering of the Modular Agricultural Baseyard Project
A rendering of the Modular Agricultural Baseyard Project