Food Systems

A Life Cycle Analysis of Land Use in US Pork Production

The goal of this study was to analyze land use in the production of US pork using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

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Modular Agricultural Baseyard Project

Agricultural Base Yards are the infrastructure, buildings, and transportation elements necessary to move produce from the field to market. A base yard is like a farm yard, except there is no residence.

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Sustainability Assessment of U.S. Beef Production Systems

With increasing public concern and awareness of agricultural sustainability issues, comprehensive methodologies such as life cycle assessment are required to benchmark the beef industry and identify areas of opportunity for continuous improvement.

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A Life Cycle Assessment of Corn Production Practices in the U.S

Corn is not only the majority of grain in animal feed, but is also used in a diverse number of household products. The extent of corn production in the U.S. has led to questioning about the impact the production has our environmental systems.

The finalized report will be published soon